The theme for the 2017 NSF INCLUDES Conference centered on advancing the collective impact of retention and continuation strategies for Hispanics and other underrepresented minorities in STEM fields. The conference began with a reception the evening of March 6th and concluded the afternoon of March 8th. The participants came from many regions across the U.S. Key components of the conference included panel discussions and small working groups. Panelists featured renowned scholars, academicians, practitioners, and individuals from the public and private sectors who shared their expertise in broadening participation in STEM fields. Working groups provided an opportunity for conference attendees to share experiences and identify possible strategies in improving student outcomes. All these discussions informed essential design features for collective impact. Furthermore, discussions addressed the barriers students confront, as well as the conditions under which successful initiatives can be enhanced through cross-sector collaborations and transferred to other contexts.

INCLUDES Conference Panels:

dot Collective Impact: Lessons Learned
dot K-12 Pipeline: From Community to Campus
dot 2 Year Institutions: Latino Student Success in STEM
dot Undergraduate Degrees: Increasing Latino Retention and Completion
dot Graduate Degrees from Recruitment to Competition for Latinos in STEM
dot Industry Partnerships: Strategies for Finding a Diverse Workforce

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