Dr. Ann Q. Gates, Chair of Computer Science at UTEP and Principal Investigator for NSF CAHSI INCLUDES, convened an All Hands Meeting at the HEENAC Summit in Pasadena, California on July 19-20, 2017. The purpose for the meeting was for partners from the Southwest, and Northern and Southern California NSF CAHSI INCLUDES pilot regions to agree collectively on: a) a common agenda that reflects a collective understanding of the broadening participation challenge, b) alignment of actions, and c) shared measures. Key presenters that helped to drive the discussion include from UTEP: Dr. Ann Gates, Dr. Elsa Villa; Dr. David Knight; and Miss Andrea Tirres; and Dr. Sarah Hug and Dr. Heather Thiry from the University of Colorado. Flash talks on potential cross-cutting activities were shared to provide the partners with further insight for their adoption. In addition, the importance of collecting the proper regional data, as well as the proper tools to measure the impact, such as dashboards or report cards, were discussed. The meeting outcomes included a consensus on the mission, vision, and backbone for the next phase of CAHSI INCLUDES. Thirty partners participated in the all hands meeting.

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